Measure hair loss with the Hamilton Norwood Scale

Hair loss affects both men and women. It is usually marked by a gradual recession of hair from the scalp and is often regarded as hereditary. Measure your level of hair loss to figure out the appropriate treatment. Generally, the Norwood-Hamilton Scale is used to assess male pattern baldness. Derived by Dr James Hamilton sometime in the 1950s, the measurement helps identify the level of your hair loss as it falls in one of the seven stages as prescribed by the scale. It is with the help of this that the doctor determines the best course of treatment for hair growth.

One of the biggest advantages of the Hamilton – Norwood Scale is that it protects you against misdiagnosis. With this, you can also ascertain if you are suffering from male pattern baldness or if the hair loss is merely due to aging.

The seven stages of the Hamilton Norwood scale:

Don't wait till you reach Stage 7. Seek treatment even before your patterned baldness aggravates. Hair loss becomes difficult to treat once you have reached the last stage. Go to a professional who can help you address your hair loss ahead of time.