Can hair rollers damage my hair?

Can hair rollers damage my hair?

Hair rollers are equipment used to style your hair by inducing curls in them. When attached and worn in a particular way, they work by bending the hair to produce those much-desired curls. Before we get into actually using rollers and how they can harm or even benefit you, here are the different types of rollers that can help you style your hair. While some may seem extremely effective, others may not be.

Different kinds of rollers

Heat rollers

These are extremely popular due to their quick and fairly prolonged result. A container heats the rollers up, which are then used on the hair to curl them and hold them in place. You can remove them after they have cooled down.

Sponge hair rollers

Also known as foam rollers, they provide users with defined ringlets without the requirement of heat. Hair is parted in smaller sections, dampened slightly and then rolled.

Velcro rollers

Made of plastic, these rollers have a Velcro pad on the top. Strong curls are created that can stay in shape for hours. This also uses heat, and when cooled off, have to be unwrapped.

Steam hair rollers

These use heat in the form of steam to set strong curls in your hair that last for longer periods. Unfurl them once they have cooled down.

Flexi rods

Otherwise known as bendy rollers, you don’t have to rely on any attachments such as clips to keep them in place.

What damage can they cause?

Conclusively, rollers can damage hair when used excessively. But that is also true when you do anything over-the-board right?

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